Orange Bell

  • Sun: Full Sun
  • Harvest Size: 4 to 5 inches long
  • Days to Harvest: 70 to 80
  • Plant size: 24 to 36 inches tall, 18 to 24 inches wide

Orange bells are sweeter then green bells and add another color to your garden and your plate. Perfect for fresh slices, saute, or stuffing, these big, blocky, thick-walled fruits are packed with super sweet flavor and crisp crunch. At first the peppers are glossy green growing sweeter as they turn tangerine orange. These are the same peppers that command a premium price at the grocery. In our Alabama test garden, where the growing conditions are ideal, plants yield 4 to 5 lbs of peppers each over a three month harvest period.

Disease resistance: Tobacco mosaic virus. Plant spacing: 18-24 inches apart; 12 to 18 inches in intensive gardens. One plant per 18-inch container. Plants per person: 2 for fresh use; 4 to 6 for freezing or canning.

Secrets to Success »

Peppers are very cold-sensitive. Set plants out in the garden beginning two weeks after the last frost. Keep plants well watered for plenty of big peppers. If drought stressed, the peppers will be small. To help keep the soil moist, mix compost into planting holes, and mulch soil around plants. Pepper branches are brittle. Stake plants as fruits start to form, tying pepper-laden branches to stakes, or use small tomato cages for support. Fertilize with Bonnie Herb & Vegetable Food at planting and throughout the growing season.

Harvest and Use »

To harvest, snip ripe peppers from the plant using a sharp knife or clippers, leaving a small portion of stem attached to the fruit. Rinse and dry peppers; store in the refrigerator. The more peppers you pick, the more you’ll get. You may eat them when they are still green, but flavor is fullest and sweetest when they are orange.

Peppers are packed with Vitamins A and C—twice the vitamin C of an orange. Slice Orange Bell for fresh eating—these peppers are one of the sweetest. The blocky peppers sit up neatly for stuffing, and thick-walled fruits add crunch to salsa and salads. Chop peppers into soups, omelets, and chili for that sweet pepper tang. Freeze extra peppers to savor the sweet flavor all year long.

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