Strawberry Fountain

Grow strawberries without a lot of space and keep them clean and easy to harvest. As with any strawberry plants, the key is consistent watering, but it’s especially true with this project as pots tend to dry out faster.

Follow these step-by-step photos for putting the Strawberry Fountain together, and read through the tips below for more detail.


  1. Stack lightweight pots, largest to smallest, filled with premium potting mix. Plant around edges with Bonnie strawberry plants. This fountain took 10 plants.
  2. Water every day during the growing season, or put it on a drip system for pots. Use Bonnie Herb & Vegetable Plant Food in the Little Green Jug every week or two for earth-friendly feeding.
  3. Strawberries will overwinter in a pot in zones 7 and south, but they may look brown and rough. Move pots out of sight. In cold climates, consider moving to a garage or other spot out of the extreme cold.
  4. As the plants send out runners, or new plants, cut some off and plant elsewhere or give to your friends. Let new ones root in each layer of the "fountain" to replace mother plants after the first year. In the second year, when the soil starts to sink, take out the plants, divide or plant new ones, and start the fountain again. Do this in the spring in the North and in the fall in the South and Southwest.

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