Colander Container of Herbs

Attractive container gardens do not have to be complicated. Sometimes, simplicity is the best choice. Even household items will do, if they provide good drainage. Pamela Crawford planted this kitchen colander with lavender and variegated oregano. The container choice is surprising, but fitting, for a tiny kitchen garden.

Follow Pamela’s tips for planting a colander or any small herb container:

  • Before planting a colander, put some potting mix inside, and shake it to see if the mix leaks out through the holes. If it does, line the colander with coffee filters prior to planting.
  • Plant a spiky herb (like rosemary or lavender) in the center of the pot and a trailing herb (like variegated oregano) along the edge. The container shown here is an example of this simple concept.
  • Mix plants with different leaf sizes, so they show up well next to each other. For example, set spiky rosemary next to big-leafed Sweet basil and tiny-leafed Spicy Globe basil next to sage.

Garden author and self-proclaimed former "black thumb," Pamela Crawford helps make container gardening easy. This container project is from Pamela's latest book, Easy Container Combos: Herbs & Flowers, released in March 2011 by Color Garden Publishing. Visit Pamela at