Fragrant Mix-and-Match Container

Featured by Pamela Crawford, this combo includes a fragrant, colorful, and unexpected mix of herbs and flowers in a big rust-colored pot.

Dill and Pineapple sage provide height and texture in the back—the sage with big leaves and dill with feathery foliage. Pineapple sage blooms with red flowers in fall, and the foliage looks fresh all summer. Mexican mint marigold, also called Mexican or Texas tarragon, fills out the container on each side; it’s a great substitute for French tarragon in warm, humid climates. Common marigolds add pops of sunny color. Front and center, sage adds contrasting texture and color.

Plant in full sun or light shade in good quality potting mix. Water thoroughly if the planting shows any side of wilt—generally, every day in summer and every other day in cooler weather. Fertilize when planting with Bonnie Herb & Vegetable Plant Food.

Trim Pineapple sage frequently. Keep marigolds looking fresh by pinching off the dead flowers. This combo will last spring through fall.

Garden author and self-proclaimed former "black thumb," Pamela Crawford helps make container gardening easy. This container project is from Pamela's latest book, Easy Container Combos: Herbs & Flowers, released in March 2011 by Color Garden Publishing. Visit Pamela at