Hot and Sweet 4 x 4-foot Pickling Garden

Pickled sweet peppers, pickled hot peppers, pickled cucumbers—this garden is designed especially for you pickle lovers! Dill and onions round out your favorite pickling recipes. Plant this garden in late spring after your last frost date as cucumbers and peppers need warm weather to grow. The Finished Plan below shows the planted bed—the plants are pictured small to make the illustration simpler, but your bed will be spilling over as the plants grow! The second illustration shows three Color Coded Planting Areas. Look at the drop-down tabs to find planting instructions for each area.

Finished Plan

Color Coded Planting Areas

Area 1 - Onions and Dill »

You can overplant the onions and harvest half (every other one) as small green onions, allowing the remaining onions to grow to full size.

  • 12-24 Georgia Sweet onions
  • 2 Fernleaf dill

Area 2 - Peppers »

  • 1 Hot Red Cherry pepper
  • 1 Jalapeño pepper

Area 3 - Trellised Cucumbers »

Support and train cucumbers on a tall wire trellis.

  • 2 Boston Pickling cucumbers
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