Cirque du Jardin: 4 x 4-foot Garden

Cirque du Jardin: A garden for kids, by a kid (and her gardening mom)

Use easy-to-grow plants with instant treats for this circus-themed children’s garden. Carri and her five-year-old daughter, Alex, take inspiration from the bright colors and enchanting excitement of the circus. The design features sprawling, climbing peas, cherry tomatoes, bright flowers to pick for posies, and lemon verbena for enticing scent. Get your children involved in painting the raised bed, making tags for the plants, and choosing bright red or purple tomato cages and stakes.

The Finished Plan below shows the planted bed—the plants are pictured small to make the illustration simpler, but your bed will be spilling over as the plants grow! The second illustration shows two Color Coded Planting Areas. Look at the drop-down tabs to find planting instructions for each area.

Finished Plan

Color Coded Planting Areas

Area 1 – Sugar Snap Peas on Trellis »

  • 3 Sugar Snap Pea Plants

Area 2 – 1 Sweet Cherry Tomato

Area 3 – Bright Flowers, such as Marigolds »

Find marigolds, zinnias, balloon flowers or other brightly colored flowers at your local garden center. They are for picking by little fingers, so let them choose what draws their attention.

Area 4 - 1 Lemon Verbena, or other scented herb. »

Also consider Lavender, Sweet Basil, Thai Basil or Purple Basil

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