Fast and Fresh 4 x 4-foot Pizza Garden

Pizza tops everyone’s list as a favorite food. Why not have the fresh ingredients in your garden? You can make a healthy pizza faster than delivery! This planting plan includes a mix of Italian herbs along with peppers and Roma tomatoes, the best variety for making pizza sauce. The Finished Plan below shows the planted bed. The second illustration shows two Color Coded Planting Areas. Look at the drop-down tabs to find planting instructions for each area.

Finished Plan

Color Coded Planting Areas

Area 1 – Onions and Herbs »

  • 1 Greek oregano
  • 1 Sweet basil
  • 1 Spicy Globe basil
  • 2 Italian parsley
  • 1 Rosemary
  • 22 Onions (we used Georgia Sweet)

Area 2 – Tomato and Peppers »

  • 1 Roma tomato (with cage or trellis)
  • 1 Banana pepper (Hot or Sweet, with cage or trellis)
  • 1 Bonnie’s Green Bell pepper (with cage or trellis)
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