Sweet and Spicy 4 x 4-foot Pepper Garden

Peppers are one of the easiest and most fun plants to grow in a summer garden, and many plants will keep producing right up to the first frost. This planting plan includes a mix of sweet and hot peppers, with plenty of options for changing up the mix based on your taste and plant availability. The Finished Plan below shows the planted bed. Plant your peppers in cages or with trellises, spacing plants 24 inches apart.

Finished Plan


Plant one pepper from each category, spacing pepper plants 24 inches apart:

  • Bell (Big Early, Bonnie’s Green, Yellow, Red, Orange, Fajita, or Big Bertha Bell)
  • Snacking (Yummy or Sweet Banana)
  • Small Chili (Chile Red, Tabasco, Thai Hot, Serrano, or Cayenne)
  • Cherry (Sweet Cherry, Hot Cherry, or Pimiento)
  • Thin-walled (Cubanelle or Giant Marconi)
  • Jalapeno (Jalapeno, Mucho Nacho Jalapeno, Mammoth Jalapeno, or TAM Mild Jalapeno)
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