Over-the-top Impact

Pamela Crawford went over the top with this perfectly perched, elegant container combo, one of her signature styles. The look is actually accomplished with multiple containers attached to a central stand. Lavender thrills at the top, while sage, thyme, mint, and rosemary fill and spill. Use regular sage instead of the variegated kind shown here, and choose from several mint varieties available.

  1. Lavender (1)
  2. Salvia (2)
  3. Common sage (6)
  4. Mint (4)
  5. Rosemary (2)
  6. Thyme (4)
Garden author and self-proclaimed former "black thumb," Pamela Crawford helps make container gardening easy. This container project is from Pamela's latest book, Easy Container Combos: Herbs & Flowers, released in March 2011 by Color Garden Publishing. Find Pamela Crawford's books where garden books are sold.