• Sun: Full Sun
  • Harvest Size: 3 to 4 pounds per plant
  • Days to Harvest: 90
  • Plant Size: Long 3- to 6-foot vine

You can thank Louisiana for this sweet potato—maybe the world’s favorite. Compared to other varieties, Beauregard yields lots of reddish-purple sweet potatoes with a very sweet, pumpkin-colored flesh that caramelizes nicely in the oven. In the garden, the tubers resist cracking and are early to harvest.

Plant in spring at least 2 weeks after all danger of frost has passed; sweet potato is tropical and very sensitive to cold. Give the long vines room to spread, or support to train vertically.

Disease Resistance: Fusarium wilt, soil rot. Plant Spacing: 12-18 inches apart; in small gardens, 12 inches apart and train vines up a trellis or fence. Plants Per Person: 3 to 4 for fresh; 8 for storage.

Secrets to Success »

Make sure sweet potato gets full sun all day. About 2 weeks after planting, feed plants lightly. After that they probably won't need fertilizer, only regular watering.

Harvest and Use »

Dig sweet potatoes when the vine starts to turn yellow, but before the first frost of fall. Lift vines to where they are rooted and carefully loosen soil 18 inches around the plant with a garden fork (cut back the vine to see better). Lift the crown with a turning fork and gather sweet potatoes by hand, removing soil. To make them sweeter, cure sweet potatoes in a warm, shady spot outdoors (but protected from rain) for 10 days. Store for up to 6 months in a spot around 60 degrees, such as a basement or pantry.

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