45 Day (Golden Cross)

  • Sun: Full Sun
  • Harvest Size: 2-pound head
  • Days to Harvest: 45 days
  • Plant Size: 12 to 18 inches tall, 18 to 24 inches wide

Our favorite mini-cabbage, Golden Cross matures in just 45 days. A great choice for growing cabbage in containers and for gardeners with a short growing season.

Cabbage tolerates frost, so it is one of the first plants to go in the garden in spring (about a month before the last frost), but protect new plantings from a late hard freeze. In fall, it is also one of the last to stay in the garden (if you plant again in late summer for a fall crop).

Plant Spacing: 18 inches apart, one per large container. Plants Per Person: 3 to 5 for fresh, or 10 to 12 for fresh and storage.

Secrets to Success »

The trick to growing cabbage is steady, uninterrupted growth. Amend the soil with compost and fertilizer. Mulch to keep the soil moist. Heads may split if left too long in the garden. One trick to avoid splitting: insert a shovel in the ground on one side of the plant to break some shallow roots.

Harvest and Use »

Golden Cross matures extra early. Cut heads when hard, round, and softball-sized. Store cabbage for many weeks in a cool place such as a basement, extra fridge, or root cellar. Use cooked in recipes or chopped in slaw.

Try These Garden Companions »

  • Other cabbage varieties that mature early include Stonehead Cabbage, which forms a 3- to 4-pound solid head.
  • Collards, kohlrabi, broccoli and other cole crops.
  • Parsley, rosemary, cilantro—all cold hardy herbs.
  • Savoy cabbage for its crinkled leaves and Red Cabbage for a splash of color in salads.
  • Onions.

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