• Plant Type: Annual
  • Sun: Part Shade
  • Plant Size: 10 to 15 inches tall

For those who think there’s no option for brilliant color in the shade, coleus comes to the rescue. Seemingly limitless in color, coleus foliage grows in lime green, pinks, rust, maroon and many variegated combinations. Plant after all danger of frost is passed.

Plant Spacing: 12 to 18 inches

Secrets to Success »

Plant in rich soil and keep moist. If coleus wilts from lack of water, it will revive quickly with a deep soaking. Count on coleus to provide endless color in rainy seasons when other flowers decrease in blooms. Plant after the last spring frost. Pinch back regularly to encourage a bushier growth habit.

Use »

Colorful coleus is a great filler for containers and window boxes and is also showy in landscape beds. Cut stems can be used in floral arrangements if placed in water immediately. The coleus cuttings will begin sending out roots quickly and create new plants.

Try These Garden Companions »

  • Plant in a mass for colorful impact
  • Pair with shade-loving plants like ferns, hostas, impatiens and green-leaved begonias.

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