• Sun: Full sun
  • Harvest Size: 2 ounces
  • Days to Harvest: 73 to 80
  • Plant Size: 4 to 6 feet
  • Plant Type: Determinate

Roma tomato is a cook’s delight. The 3-inch, egg-shaped, thick-walled fruit is more meat than juice. Cooking intensifies the flavor, making it perfect for puree and thick sauces, sauté, and even homemade sun dried tomatoes. Roma is fine when eaten fresh, but other tomatoes are better. Save this one for the stovetop and grill.

Plant after the last spring frost through early summer. If you buy early, you can keep plants on a sunny windowsill until the weather warms. To plant early, protect plants with row cover.

Disease resistance: VF. Plant spacing: 24-36 inches apart in conventional rows, 18 inches in intensive gardens. Plants per person: 2 to 5 at each planting.

Secrets to Success »

Plant deeply so that two-thirds of the plant is buried, stem and all. The buried stem will sprout roots, adding to the strength of the plant. Fertilize when planting and during the growing season with Bonnie Herb & Vegetable Plant Food.

Water regularly. Tomatoes need steady watering to develop to full size and to prevent cracking and blossom end rot. To keep the soil moist, mix compost into planting holes, and mulch around the plants after the soil warms. Watering with a soaker hose is best to keep the foliage dry. Wet leaves encourage disease.

Plant a second crop in early to mid summer for a fall harvest.

Harvest and Use »

Roma tomatoes will ripen at nearly the same time, giving you a bumper crop for a month to six weeks. It is a cooking tomato, which means more meat than juice. Preserve them as canned or frozen tomatoes, homemade tomato or pasta sauce, or dehydrated slices. You can also use them fresh by chopping them for an omelet or sauteed vegetables. Romas freeze well, too.

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